Loud and proud from Albany WA

Hailing from a folk tradition with an unbroken line of heritage, the The Albany Shantymen sing loud and hard
like the sailors of old. A rowdy bunch of sixteen Albany men, we come together to pay homage to the merchant
sailors with rhythmic choruses and rousing solos to stir the blood and soothe the soul. Our repertoire of songs
comes from all parts of the globe, wherever man harnesses the wind with rope and old canvas.

What’s a Shanty?

Sea Shantys, chanteys or chantys are a type of work song that was, and is, sung on board ships – traditionally
on board merchant sailing vessels. Shanties were traditionally a particular type of call-and-response song
with a strong rhythm that sailors would use to time their work – to haul on a rope, or turn a capstan, so
all hands could work together as one. The genre has grown to encompass all traditional maritime songs, though,
including fo’c’sle songs, sung for pleasure in the forecastle (living quarters) of the ship once the watch is done.