The Albany Shantymen were born of an idea by Gary “Grizz” Greenwald, fresh off the boat in Albany, Western Australia.  Grizz, an ex-member stalker of the Sheringham Shantymen and a fan of the shanty “The Albany Immigrants”, went to seek the husky men he knew would be singing the song from the street corners.  Finding none, he set out to recruit some.

In failing to find such sturdy men, he settled for us.

The Shantymen are a group of individuals from eclectic backgrounds, who come together at least once a week to sing loudly at each other, and at least fortnightly in a public location: the Earl of Spencer Bar and Restaurant.   We sing for fun, for health, to combat our demons or to pay homage to the history of the sea – we each sing for our own reason, but together we sing loud and proud.

Who we are

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